Aug 24, 2010 7:24 PM by Shawn Kline

Developments in Arnaudville's Officer-involved shooting

St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz confirms... An officer-involved shooting happened on the corner of Hebert Road and Louisiana-31 in Arnaudville early Sunday morning...
The officer, a Dallas Barron, has since been placed on administrative leave...
Barron has been with the Arnaudville Police Department for about four months and now the St. Landry Sheriff's Department is looking at whether Barron was justified to fire a deadly weapon in this situation.

"Police Chief Richard Mezzi has requested my office to investigate a shooting," Guidroz announced during a press-conference. "We're looking at his training, his taser qualifications to make sure he was qualified to do what he did."
Guidroz says Barron was making a routine traffic stop when a fight ensued between Barron and a Marlon Eglin of Grand Cateau...
20-year-old Eglin, with an outstanding warrant for not appearing in court on a misdemeanor, allegedly stole Barron's taser and shot the officer... but the taser did not punch through Barron's vest.
"(Eglin) dropped the taser and ran away," Guidroz said. "That's when the officer drew his weapon and fired two shots."
Even after being shot twice in the legs, Eglin allegedly fled the scene and was later found in a Lafayette hospital. He's since been allowed to return home without any additional charges. However, Guidroz says that's up to the Arnaudville Police Department who are likely waiting on the results of the investigation into Barron's involvement.
Arnaudville Police were not available to comment.
KATC's Shawn Kline also went Eglin's home in Grand Cateau to hear his side of the story... but no one was home.
KATC repeatedly called Barron's phone and went to his house for answers- but Barron did not return our phone calls or answer the door.
Eglin is currently out of the hospital and deputies say they have no reason to believe he would flee with his current injuries.
Barron has been placed on paid-leave until the investigation is complete.
The Sheriff's Department is taking a deep look into Barron's training. While it's not required to be a part-time officer, Barron never attended the Police Academy and has limited time logged on the firing range.

In another twist, Barron is coincidentally running for office.
The part-time Arnaudville officer is on the Ballot for Police Chief in Leonville.
Sheriff Guidroz says the recent shooting could destroy Barron's campaign if they find any wrong-doing... Or it could help his campaign if he's cleared.



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