Mar 27, 2013 11:53 PM by Erin Steuber

Despite Same-Sex Marriage Not Recognized in LA, Couple Takes Next Step

The issue of gay marriage has divided Americans and many are watching the issue very closely. Tonight in Lafayette those in favor of marriage equality took a stand, holding a vigil at the federal courthouse.

Tonight's stand at the federal courthouse was symbolic of the demonstrations going on outside the Supreme Court where the Justices are taking on the issue of gay marriage. Despite same-sex marriages not being recognized in the state of Louisiana, it didn't stop one couple from taking the next step.

Holding back tears, Taylor Woods stood before the crowd, got down on two knees and proposed to her long time partner, Jennifer Vallejo.

"I'm getting married. She's already got her ring. I've already proposed to her. So wow, wasn't expecting this, not at all," said Vallejo. "So I'm extremely happy, and I can't wait for the day when we can make it legal."

For those who gathered it was a show of solidarity, for a community united in the same cause, demanding the same rights.

"There's no way to say how big it is because it will really validate that we're families and we're important and we're part of this country too," said Amanda Kelley of Acadiana Outspoken Alliance.

"We've got to step up. We've got to talk about it, because if people stay in their little clicks and their closets than nobody knows we're here. You've got to come out. We're here, and you know, without stepping up nobody knows," said Vallejo.

Acadiana Outspoken Alliance is planning more events leading up to the Supreme Court ruling in June.


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