Jul 21, 2014 6:43 PM by Akeam Ashford

Delcambre fishermen learn online marketing tools to sell days catch

The LSU Agriculture Center is helping fishermen bring fresh seafood from the gulf straight to your table.

In Delcambre, shrimping is a way of life where the industry feeds the area economy. Louisiana Direct Seafood is a marketing initiative that's helped boost that industry since shrimpers were forced out of the water in the wake of the crude disaster four years ago.

The mission is to help coastal fishermen connect directly with consumers, selling their catch straight from the boat. The website allows fishermen to post their latest catch, as well as their contact information to the public.

"Oh, it's tough sometimes, but it's what we love to do," said Cheryl Granger, wife of a Delcambre fisherman.

The Grangers are among the 20 fishermen who are part of the LSU Agricultural Center's project to market local seafood online.

"Boats pull right up to the dock and a car can back up to the boat and buy an ice truck full or a pickup truck load full of really nice fresh seafood," said Thomas Hymel, with the LSU Agricultural Center.

Hymel said the project has been so successful in Delcambre, LSU has started programs in Cameron Parish, Terrebonne Parish, and in the New Orleans area.

"It's a good deal for the consumer and for the boat," said Hymel. "It's a good deal for everybody around."

Every time a fisherman goes out and snags a catch, they post what they have and how much they've got on the website. This gives the consumer a chance to pick up fresh seafood right from the fisherman.

"We've grown it to a local brand, and we continue to push that idea of local wild caught seafood," said Wendell Verrett, Port of Delcambre Director.



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