Sep 6, 2013 7:40 PM by Akeam Ashford

Deaths Remain A Mystery For 2 Years

Two years after a Crowley couple lost both of their sons, the parents are still searching for answers on how they died.

Christopher Sr., and his wife Beuhla Mayfield buried their two year-old son, Braylon, and their five-year old son, Christopher Jr., in 2011.

Both boys died unexpectedly in their sleep, with only a month between their deaths.

Instead of being able to grieve the loss of both their sons, they've spent the past two years trying to figure out how they died.

Mayfield says not knowing hasn't allowed them to move on.

"It's truly unbelievable to wake up and carry that with you and not know what happened to your babies, and we just need some help," says Mayfield.

Mayfield says reports from the police showed the boys didn't suffer from any trauma.

Along with trying to find answers, the couple says they are dealing with added stress from the public. "When you leave your home and you go places , people look at you as if you harmed your kids, that's an eerie feeling."

In reply to a KATC public records request Friday, Acadia Parish Coroner Dr. Mark Dawson said the deaths are still under active investigation more than two years later and the autopsy results have not been released by the forensic pathologist.



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