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Nov 17, 2010 7:20 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Davina Chapman Trial Wrapping Up

Almost a year and half after Krotz Springs native...Davina Chapman's body was found under a bridge in Point Coupee Parish. Chapman's family and friends came face to face with Chapman's alleged killer John Snyder in court.
Chapman's Aunt, Denise Kimbell, said " I thought he loved her and he's like just there. When he looks at pictures he has no expression whatsoever, and I dunno how someone can be that cold."
Kimbell says she didn't know the details of her niece's death until now.
She said, "what really shocked us is when they told us about the bridge, having people come in and talk about people finding her. It was all just really emotional."
Chapman was last seen leaving a bar in Krotz Springs with boyfriend Snyder in July 2009. Snyder allegedly beat Chapman and threw her over a thirty foot bridge. Investigators say she died from the impact of the fall. Snyder spoke exclusively with KATC before her body was found.
Snyder said, "if anyone out there knows anything about her please, please let somebody know."
Claiming he didn't know her whereabouts......the interview was presented as a key piece of evidence by the prosecution. That's because the defense is claiming Snyder saw Chapman fall from the bridge.  He says he didn't tell police that initially because he panicked.
Prosecutor, Tony Clayton, said "if it wasn't for the work of your photographer and the reporter that went out and interviewed him, it may be a different case."
Snyder also tried to allegedly pin Chapman's disappearance on one of her closet friends...Jason Thibdodeaux.
Thibodeaux said, "he had accused me of maybe having her and he had called me in the morning hours, screaming and hollering--where is she and I know she is probably with you."
Now that the trial is nearing an and friends hope justice is served.
Thibodeaux said, "I hope that john suffers everyday, that he put us through suffering."
Kimbell added, "I hope he goes to Angola for the rest of his life because she doesn't have a life, he took her life."


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