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Sep 5, 2011 11:17 PM by Shawn Kline

Cypremort Point: "Lucky" to see little damage after Lee

Finally some sunshine and clear weather, but Labor Day wasn't exactly a "day-off" for people in Cypremort Point where some camps saw as much as three-feet inside.

For the most part, Lee didn't create many problems. Some campers even say they're "lucky" to see that little water after an eight-foot storm surge.

At Gene Fortier's camp, you can still see the water line on the door: about eight-inches of the base was flooded. Like many of those at Cypremort Point, he moved everything upstairs before the storm.

"When you're out here and you have a storm coming in, you take precautionary measures." Fortier says, "hopefully, like today, we can count our blessings."

It's the same story at many other camps as people stop by the summer home to clean-up.

"We've been cleaning the mud from the bottom of the camp." Douglas Sagrera says, "that's basically it."

Clean-up. That's the Labor Day plan for Douglas and Judy Sagrera after about two feet of water flooded their camp, but other than sweeping-up some seaweed, the storm left little damage.

"Because it was such a minor storm, it really didn't push very much water," Fortier said. "We consider four or five feet not very much water because we just kind of expect it out here."

The flood water didn't sit in the camps for very long either. A strong north wind pushed the sea level down about eight-feet in the matter of hours but that's all it took to call-in the clean-up crew.



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