Sep 4, 2011 11:51 PM by Chris Welty

Cypremort Point Aftermath

As expected, coastal areas of Acadiana dealt with floods Sunday, and one area also hard hit was Cypremort Point.

Just after one am in Cypremort Point, the wind started whipping harder and the water started rising.

"We had some pretty serious squalls that came through like feeder band squalls that came through and they blew pretty hard," said Ellis Schouest who road out the storm.

Our cameras early Sunday morning captured the first bit of water to creep into properties along Cypremort Point. The rising water wasn't due to Tropical Storm Lee's rain bands, but the rising tides, which helped push about four to five feet of water.

"The tide started coming up and we had to move the fire equipment from the fire station up the road cause it was coming up faster than we anticipated," said Michael Olander.

"We weren't expecting it. we really weren't expecting that much water because the storm was going to come straight in on us," said Schouest.

As Tropical Storm Lee made landfall in Cypremort Point Sunday morning, the boat launch was underwater, you couldn't differentiate where the parking lot began or ended, and now that the water is receding, residents are preparing for the cleanup process.

"This storm was not a good storm, but it's not a bad storm because we don't have all of the mud we had for Hurricane Rita. I had almost 10 inches of water downstairs in my house right here, and I live here, this is where I is not a camp," said Schouest.

As the cleanup begins, so does the fun as kids canooed and played in the receding water after riding the storm out over the weekend.

Chris Welty



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