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Dec 2, 2013 8:21 PM by Alex Labat

Cyber Monday Hits Acadiana

Cyber Monday. It's a day that 8 out of 10 retailers are expected to offer special deals. A day Bengals & Bandits General Manager Patrick Wilkerson says helps small businesses compete with Black Friday.
"Going into Cyber Monday it really does level the playing field, because just like those big box stores, we're targeting the same demographic. The same customer. It's that home shopper, the person shopping at work. We're not having to bring them into the store we can go directly to them", says Wilkerson.
The store has been open for a couple of years in Baton Rouge, but only a couple of months here in Lafayette. While they're in the process of updating the website to feature more UL attire, Wilkerson says social media is helping to get the word out.
"Social media and internet to us, really any type of online advertising is a huge part of what we do. Not only does it allow us to directly target the customers we're looking for, we can really hone in on that target market. But in addition to that, it allows us to spend our advertising budget wisely", says Wilkerson.

That use of social media and clever advertising is how the Three Little Ladies in Lafayette went from Facebook to opening their own store.
"After three years of being on Facebook, the more we grew we were meeting people in different designated areas to drop off orders. We just figured if we had one centralized place to go it would be more safe", says co-owner Angie Sonnier. And with orders coming in from Australia to Argentina, the Thee Little Ladies know how vital Cyber Monday and the internet is to their business. "Without Facebook or the internet, we would not exist", says Sonnier.


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