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Nov 18, 2010 10:48 AM by Marcelle Fontenot

Crime Trends - Opelousas

Our viewers have said they want to know what crimes are happening most in their community right now. We asked for numbers from area police departments. We start in Opelousas.

The area in red represents where the most prevalent crime is happening. This is essentially the downtown area of the city. Here's Landry and Vine Streets which are highway 190 and here's Bellevue Court and Market Streets. What crime is happening more than any other. KATC has the answer.

Meet Quentin Conway. I approached him in Opelousas and asked what he believes is that crime that's happening most in the city.
Quentin Conway said, "Theft."
And he is right.
Chief Perry Gallow said, "Right now, it's thefts."

Chief Perry Gallow says the economy is playing a role in the theft trend but Quentin believes there's another factor.

Quentin Conway says, "Opelousas has a big population that is not educated. Without education people resort to whatever means necessary to get what they need."

Either way from August 1st to November 1st there have been 278 theft reports in the city. Chief Gallow, "By looking at the stats, we are able to pinpoint exactly where this is happening and we are able to focus investigators in that area."

The bulk of the thefts were happening near Madison and Laurent Streets from May to August. Now lets look at August to November most of the thefts are happening downtown. Quentin says he feels about 70 percent safe in downtown Opelousas.

Quentin Conway says, "It can happen to anyone but what are the odds of it happening to me?"

Chief Gallow explained, "Don't believe it won't happen to you. When you believe you're immune, you are opening yourself up for this type of crime.
be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to what you are leaving available for someone to take."

Theft is defined as taking something of value that belongs to someone else without their consent.

However, theft is not taking "directly" from someone, but instead taking a bike from someone's front lawn, or taking can goods from a grocery store. And thefts aren't violent. Violent thefts fall into a different category.

Chief Gallow adds most of the city's thefts are done by repeat offenders.



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