Jan 25, 2013 8:17 PM by Akeam Ashford

Crazy About Crawfish to be featured on new reality show

The Country Music Station will feature Breaux Bridge restaurant owner Deana Welch on the upcoming docu-series Swamp Pawn. Welch and the star of the show Rick Phillips, have been friends since 1986. Welch currently buys crawfish from Phillips', and says she can't get them bigger anywhere else.

Swamp Pawn features an array of quirky locals who rely on their ability to sell whatever will catch a price. This close-knit community lives off the land, learns to be resourceful when times are lean and depends on each other to get by. Those featured include: Rick Phillips, who is the closest thing to a mayor that Bayou Pigeon has, and his business is the town's lifeblood. He's a tough customer, but with his casual country charm and sense of humor, he'll also bend over backward to help a friend or stranger.

It will be a unique experience to see the unique relationship Welch and Phillips have. Welch says, "He calls me to find out how much crawfish tails I need, and since we've known each other for all those years some days we laugh, some day's we're serious, and some days we've cried."

Breaux Bridge is known as "The Capital" of crawfish, and this is where Welch feels at home. "This restaurant is my life, I love it, I love being with the people, and that's why we're known for our southern hospitality," says Welch. This is most likely the reason why so many people from around the world come to eat at Crazy About Crawfish.

Welch says she feels like she's bringing a bit Louisiana to the rest of the world through her love of crawfish, and says she can't wait to see the first episode.

Swamp Pawn will air January 26th, at 9:00pm. Welch says everyone is welcome to join her and her staff for the premiere at the restaurant.



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