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May 3, 2011 6:55 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Coyote Runs Away with Yorkie in Opelousas Neighborhood

Opelousas resident, Paige Chilo, said it was part of her nightly routine to take her10 month old Yorkie, Bentley, outside before bed.

Paige said, "I was standing right here and I let my dog go right by the light pole. He was standing by the ditch."

Her father, Michael Chilo, said "there's a light over here that lights all of this grass. I mean it's bright."

Paige said she was outside for about five minutes when she saw a brown and black animal running towards Bentley from a field across the street.

" It just ran out and by the time I could even get over there, the coyote had taken the dog and jumped over two ditches and ran off with him," Paige said. "I ran too and jumped over two ditches too. I couldn't even see so I couldn't do anything about it."

Her neighbor Floyd Bellard says his cat came up missing a few years ago.
"I thought someone stole her because she was real friendly, but now I think I know what happened," Bellard said.

Paige says if the coyote was brave enough to come within feet of her, she worries about what could happen if the wild animal sticks around her neighborhood.

She explained, "a child could have been outside and something could have happened to the child too."

Her dad added, "one of my grand-kids might weigh just a few more pounds than Bentley. The same thing could happen."

Wildlife officials said there haven't been any other reports of coyotes in the area.


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