Dec 2, 2013 11:43 PM by Erin Steuber

Couple Says Pastor Saved Their Lives

Some may call it luck, but one Lafayette Parish family says they have a real life guardian angel.

Nearly two weeks ago, Leslie White and her husband, Brian, crashed their SUV at around 2 A.M. along E. Broussard Rd. The SUV flipped several times. But what happened next has this family forever grateful.

The crash was two hours earlier. Brian and Leslie White were hurt badly; Their SUV hidden from view, more than 300 feet off the road. But Pastor Rob Longmire's headlights caught something as he turned out of his neighborhood.

"I slowed down but just started to go on to the gym," said Longmire. "But then there was a little check in my gut that said stop and check that out."

When he got closer he saw the SUV, then found Brian, who was ejected, laying several feet from the vehicle.

"You know, trying to figure out what you can do. Her husband laying in the grass, trying to keep him still and calm," said Longmire. "She (Leslie) was actually unresponsive. She wasn't responding to me at all."

Leslie was in the passenger seat, unconscious.

"That's the best thing that could have ever happened, was him coming and making sure we were ok," said Leslie.

She only remembers waking up at the hospital. She suffered head trauma, cuts and brusies. Her husband Brian broke his neck, but is expected to be ok. Sitting next to her hero, Pastor Longmire, she credits him with saving both of their lives.

"It was very unreal that I'm still here. I didn't think I could actually make it through that. I've never been in a wreck in my life, and it had to be one of those," said Leslie.

"God spared their lives. It was definitely a God moment. I just happened to be the one he used to make the call," said Longmire.



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