Jun 19, 2014 6:56 PM by Tina Macias

Cooper releases full evaluation

Superintendent Pat Cooper released his complete evaluation today with score sheets from each individual board member.

As we reported last night, Cooper received an "unsuccessful" evaluation from the Lafayette Parish School Board, scoring a 3.54 on a scale of 0 to 8, with 8 being the highest.

Click on a board member's name to see their score sheets. Cumulative board scores were:

Kermit Bouillion, Shelton Cobb and Mark Cockerham: 8
Hunter Beasley: 3.11
Greg Awbrey: 1.39
Rae Trahan: 1.07
Mark Babineaux and Tommy Angelle: 0.93
Themi Chassion: 0.21

Of the three board members who gave Cooper a perfect score, Mark Cockerham, Kermit Bouillion and Shelton Cobb, only Cobb wrote comments on his evaluation.

"Great job Mr. Cooper in spite of the boards attempts to micro-miss manage," Cobb wrote on his evaluation.

Tommy Angelle, Tehmi Chassion and Rae Trahan also left most of the comments sections on their evaluation empty.

But Greg Awbrey, Hunter Beasley and Mark Babineaux wrote extensive comments and wrote that Cooper hires unqualified people, uses subjective pay methods, has overseen drops in school performance scores and a rise in discipline problems and brought on budget issues.

"(He) has researched-based ideas, but the implementation process is flawed," Hunter Beasley wrote about the turnaround plan. "cannot expect to spend money recklessly to implement plan."

Later, Beasley said Cooper "seemingly violated board wishes," by supporting charter schools. Other agreed.

"Using charter schools as a stop-gap for building needs undermines the financial ability of the district to support the educational needs of the district both on a day to day and long term basis," Babineaux wrote in his comments about Cooper's policy and governance.

Beasley praised Cooper's support of teacher and staff training, the category where Cooper received his highest marks. He got his highest grade of 4.6 and no 0s on whether he takes "responsibility for and participates in a meaningful and continuous process of professional development."

Five board members gave Cooper a "0" when asked to grade him on whether he "actively supports a safe and positive environment for students and staff," his lowest score.

"School sites report being bullied by super. and staff," Awbrey wrote in his comments. "they are not part of the decisions."

Four board members gave him a zero when asked if he "creates an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect with staff and community."

"Atmosphere is one of mistrust, fear and intimidation," board member Mark Babineaux wrote in the comments section.


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