Aug 12, 2014 5:38 PM by Daniel Phillips

Cooler, More Comfortable Conditions on the Way

Cold fronts in this part of the country are typically rather rare, but it seems Acadiana has seen a few sweep through over the passed few months. 

When you deal with the heat in the summer, however, any slight relief is usually a welcomed one in south Louisiana. 

Drier air has been sitting just off to the north, and will slowly start to creep across the area this week. 

Temperatures will only be a degree or two cooler but the difference will be seen mainly in the heat index. 

Rather then running up into the triple digits when the thermometer says it is 90 outside it will feel like 90s. 

The biggest difference will be felt over the next couple of nights with temperatures that will be down in the upper 60s by Thursday morning. 

This relief, sadly, won't last too long as the front which is stalled in the Gulf of Mexico will start to move northward again over the weekend as a warm front. 

This will increase rain chances heading into the weekend, after a few days with virtually no rain chances for the first half of the work week. 

In other "sky news" the Perseid meteor shower will be going on both Tuesday and Wednesday night, and is typically one of the more impressive meteor showers of the year. 

Unfortunately and unusually bright moon will limit the ability to see the meteors so viewing may be tough. 

If you still want to give it a try, however, the best chances will be a few hours before dawn when the sky is the darkest. 

There is no particular area of the sky where it will take place so you can just look up. 


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