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May 1, 2014 10:02 AM by Dave Baker

Cool Schools: Jefferson Island Elementary

The 6th grade science students in Mr. Loren Klein's class at Jefferson Island Elementary are today's COOL SCHOOL!

The students have been doing a lot of engineering based activities. Earlier in the year the students were studying Newton's Laws of motion by building balloon powered cars and carded them down the hallways. The also learned about simple machines using levers, pulleys and other items. They presented their Rube Goldberg machines late last month. Those machines used levers, inclined planes, wheel and axle, pulleys, and wedges to perform a task. The videos of some of the projects are linked below.

Thomas Dore Kerrie Long Nikkie Wanphoumy Trentt Dugas

Payton Landry Giovanna Sassone McKenzie Thornton Breann Johnson

If you would like to nominate your school to COOL SCHOOLS, send Meteorologist Dave Baker an email to Put COOL SCHOOLS in the subject line. Send a story and pictures about what's going on.

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