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Apr 28, 2014 8:39 AM by Dave Baker

Cool Schools: Highland Elementary Eunice

Welcome back! Hopefully you had a nice spring break. Today's COOL SCHOOL is Highland Elementary in Eunice.  Earlier this month the school and faculty held a pep rally for the students getting ready for the LEAP and iLEAP testing.

The were visited by the Opelousas High School Cheerleaders and the OHS Drum Line.  Teachers and faculty performed a skit on what NOT to do during testing. Things such as making noise, getting to school late, and cheating were the bit No No's. We at KATC hope all of you did well on your testing and we'll be excited to hear how many of you made "TOP DOG" scoring advanced and/or mastery on the tests!

If you would like to have your school as a COOL SCHOOL, send an email to Meteorologist Dave Baker at Put "COOL SCHOOLS" in the subject line, sent a picture and a story about what's going on at your school.


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