Nov 19, 2012 11:27 PM by Maddie Garrett

Controversial Sign: Burger King Takes Down LSU Sign Near UL's Campus

A Burger King promotional sign caused some controversy in Lafayette Monday, after it promoted a statewide deal for LSU right across from UL's campus. The sign read: "when LSU wins, you win chicken, Tiger deal." The deal is customers can get a free chicken sandwich if the Tigers win this weekend. While the campaign goes on, one Burger King took down its sign.

The location is at the intersection of St. Mary and Johnston Street, practically on UL's campus. The Burger King manager there said the order to take down the LSU sign came from Burger King's corporate offices. However, a Burger King corporate spokesperson could not tell KATC why they had the sign removed. After several more phone calls to the corporate office to find out the answer, KATC did not receive a response.

UL students pass by that Burger King every day and many took note of the LSU promo board. The sign drew mixed reactions.

"I think they're taking it way too far, I think that you should support both schools, they're both from Louisiana, I dont' think it really matters too much," said UL student Meagan McLemore.

Other students, like Johnathan Gabriel, were not so understanding.

"I think it's, you know, absolutely horrible that they're going to do that. Especially I find it to be really disrespectful since it's across the street from UL's campus. If you want to support LSU go to Baton Rouge, that's how I feel about it," explained Gabriel.

UL students Cameron Wise and Christine Granger are about to get married, but they're split on this issue.

"It's their right, if it's what they want to do, we shouldn't have any right to say otherwise," reasoned Wise.

His fiancee had another opinion, "I think they're really close to UL and it wouldn't be too hard to support UL."

In fact, Burger King does support UL said Assistant Athletic Marketing Director Eric Maron.

"Burger King has always been a supporter of ours, the last few years they've done a lot with us such as our tailgating stage is now the Burger King Stage and we are in contact with them all the time working on different promotions so they've been a very good partner for us," said Maron.

Maron said he sees these promotions all the time, Burger King is even doing a similar deal in other states with other college football teams. And you can't forget about Sonic's Ragin Cajun Burger in Lafayette.

"You know a lot of companies, like Burger King and McDonalds and Sonic, they have nationwide and regional concerns and regional promotions. All I can say is the local groups they work with us very closely, we have a great relationship with them and we do appreciate their support every time they do something with us," he said.



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