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Feb 13, 2014 7:25 AM by Kristen Holloway

Confusion about Proper Use of UL Bike Lanes

The new bike lanes on UL campus are near completion but for motorists and cyclists, the lanes are available for use right now.

Campus officials say the weather has caused delays and they're unclear when the bike lanes will be completely finished, a few more tweaks have to be added along the pathways. However there has been some confusion about proper use of the lanes.

Along St. Mary Boulevard, new bike lanes were added to help with safety, traffic and parking. The bike lanes run from the intersection of St. Mary Boulevard and Taft to St. Mary and St. Landry.

"The path in its current state is set up to where it can be used and we're recognizing that it is being used by bicyclist and as motorist," said Joey Pons UL Director of Environment Health and Safety.

Pons says the city will add more markings on the lanes and more signage to finish the project, which should lessen the confusion.

"Neither cars or bikes should cross the solid white line on the bike path," said Pons. "Another thing that's important to know is that bikes should go with the flow of traffic, in the same direction that motor vehicles are traveling."

Students like Hunter Trouille says before the added lanes, it was very inconvenient to ride through campus.

"I was excited, I didn't have to walk on the sidewalk anymore, there's not many bikers but there's enough to have a bike lane and make it bike friendly," said Trouille.

Making campus more bike friendly is apart of UL's master plan. Pons says the goal is to eventually have more bike paths throughout campus.

"We recognize because of our campus infrastructure we have limited ability to handle motor vehicles, ultimately the university wants to encourage the use of bikes on campus," said Pons.

Now to see a detailed map on how to use the bike lanes correctly such as combined left and right turns and to transition into a shared roadway head over to



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