Jul 26, 2013 7:28 PM by Chris Welty

Company Wants Changes After Bomb Threats

Eunice Police are investigating two bomb threats called in to a business on the same day.

Ameri Globe wants changes in the way information is released after bomb threats.

On Tuesday, two threats were called in from a blocked number to a manufacturing company in Eunice. After the first one, the company signed up for a service through its phone provider to reveal blocked numbers and not too long after, the second threat was called in.

Although Ameri Globe has the phone number from the bomb threat, Eunice Police can't use it.

Ameri Globe Co-President Dan Schnaars is frustrated with AT&T. He says after a bomb threat was called in from a blocked number on Tuesday, he called AT&T to trace the number. He was told he would need Eunice Police to issue a subpoena for the records.

"If we're going to improve the safety of lives and property, I think telephone numbers related to the commission of a crime have to be released without all of these formalities," said Schnaars.

The phone company also gave Schnaars the option of signing up for "call trace," a service which will reveal blocked numbers.

"It gives you the ability to provide a number for law enforcement to checkout and take action against the perpetrator," said Bob Sellman with AT&T.

Moments after the second bomb threat, employees used the new service and dialed *57 to reveal the blocked number.

"It's kind of ridiculous I can get the number faster than police," said Schnaars.

Bob Sellman with AT&T says depending on the threat, they can help police immideately track down a blocked number. "We have a specialized group that works with law enforcement that will go into our system and find whatever they need and do it pretty quick."

The issue is police can't use it, they have to have a subpoena to use what they find in court.
Schnaars says phone companies are hindering the investigation process.

"It's not their intent, but they are practically aiding and embedding the terrorist because the person is protected from the police receiving their information timely."

Here are tips from the Department of Homeland Security if a bomb threat is called in:

Respond calmly
Complete the bomb threat checklist (include date and time)
Keep the caller on the line as long as possible
Ask him/her to repeat the message and try to keep a word for word record of the conversation
If they do not provide the time or location of the bomb or
attack, then ask for the information
Listen for speech and background noise, and listen closely to the voice and inflection, try to determine caller's state of mind
Try to get significant information
Do NOT hang up, even if the caller does
Notify chain of command and police immediately
Initiate and request a tracer

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