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Apr 18, 2011 7:17 PM by Shawn Kline

Committee looking at problems in BP fund

Washington's Committee on Natural Resources was in southern Louisiana today hearing complaints on BP's disaster claims fund.
Some of those affected by the spill calling BP and the Gulf Coast Compensation Fund "incompetent."

"It's disheartening to know that GCCF can be so incompetent."

Kimberly Chauvin is one furious shrimper.
She testified in front of the House Committee on Natural Resources, saying BP lost her paperwork- not once, not twice, but ten times.
She says her claim is still under review.

"This has to be a stall tactic," Chauvin said. "No one can be that incompetent. No one."

"There are still a lot of problems we have to solve, clearly," Congressman Charles Boustany said of GCCF.

"The way the BP spill fund is set up, it's not working properly," Congressman Jeff Landry said of the fund.

Congressmen Boustany and Landry say problems with the fund are the reason the committee keeps hearing these testimonies. Problems like poor national perception.
Chauvin calling-out claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg. She says he only recognized 2010 losses as a legitimate claim.

"He does not consider any of the perception issues, any of the catch issues," Chauvin said.

"We need to get money from BP to help with the marketing." Boustany says, "BP owes it to these folks because of the disruption that was caused by the spill."

A deepwater disruption Chauvin says has some businesses sinking.



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