Jan 6, 2014 11:45 PM by Steven Albritton

Cold Weather Doesn't Stop High School Sports

Although the falling mercury is keeping many inside, some were outside braving the elements in hopes for a victory. But when one of your opponents is Mother Nature herself, it's not easy. The weather didn't keep parents and players from their childrens' soccer game. Lafayette High School squared off against Comeaux High School in sub freezing weather Monday night and moms did their best to outfit their sons.

"Layers, layers, layers! They're fine. They said no I don't need that. I'm sure most of the boys are out there without big jackets, and they said they're good," Dionne Kidder said. She went on to say that she thinks the kids are "absolutely" crazy to be playing in this weather.

These ladies were keeping the hot chocolate flowing even though the crowd at the game was small. Those in the stands were also ready with blankets and heaters. Head Official Tyler Mitcham says once the game kicked off everyone on the field warmed right up.

"I got 4 layers on with the jersey, gloves with hand warmers, but the legs are fine. I'm running. If we weren't running we'd be having some issues", Mitcham said.

These folks bundled up and braved the weather, but the cold is not to be taken lightly. Dr. Ronald Jenkins says without taking the proper precautions like these folks, problems could arise if your core body temperature drops too low..

"The temperature most people are concerned about is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If one gets below 95 degrees Fahrenheit, they need to seek immediate medical attention," Dr. Jenkins said.



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