May 28, 2010 7:20 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Coast Guard Monitors Oil Spill Daily

The coast guard flies over the gulf daily to monitor how the spill is moving.

It takes a 45 minute flight from Houma to reach the heart of the oil spill--right where the deep water horizon sunk. 

            All along the way there are booms scattered throughout the water.

            Dozens of work boats are out every afternoon working.

            Some are the ships are rig ships-- which work on digging relief wells ---- and others are skimming vessels

Officials say there is an ebb and flow of boats working daily.

            The gulf isn't completely coated in oil--instead there are patches of oil--some more heavily concentrated than others.

Lieutenant Michael Patterson of the U.S. Coast Guard said, "we are continuing to use dispersant strategically, not every flight that is going up is finding oil and requires the use of dispersants, which in that case we won't apply dispersants. They are being used only as needed as one tool in the tool box."

            He says more than 20,000 volunteers and 13,000 vessels are at work everyday to clean the spill.



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