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Dec 9, 2011 7:34 PM by Chris Welty

Coalition Demands Financial Records from School Board

In Saint Landry Parish, a newly formed group of educators is demanding financial records for the past three years from the St. Landry Parish School Board.

This after at least one board member requested the same information. The Saint Landry United Coalition of Educators says the school board is in the middle of a financial crisis
and that reviewing the documents could lead to the root of the problem.

"Our kids are going to suffer for the decisions that this board makes, until this board sees that we are serious in combating this," said Ricky Julien of the St. Landry United Coalition of Educators.

Julien delivered a written request to receive financial records from the Saint Landry Parish School Board from 2008 to present. This year alone, several million dollars need to be cut due to rising retirement cost and legal fees. Julien believes reviewing the records will answer many questions, and allow them to come up with a plan to relieve the financial stress.

"From A to Z, we are looking at cutting programs, travel, everything and anything to reduce our costs," said Interim Superintendent Donnie Perron.

The school board has five working days to comply with the Coalitions' request, a task that Director of Curriculum, Claudia Blanchard says will be quite time consuming. "If these request take more than one person to be assigned to that, and at the same time, they are trying to perform their regular duties. At times, it is difficult to meet those deadlines that are set."

"If we have not received those documents, we are prepared to enforce a law suit in order to obtain that information," said Julien.

Monday afternoon, school board members will meet to talk about finances. Board member John Miller this week found out the same request for documents will cost him 14-thousand dollars according to the school board attorney.

The Saint Landry United Coalition of Educators says they are willing to pick up that tab.



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