Oct 3, 2013 11:18 PM by Erin Steuber

Close Call for Acadiana Students Visiting the Nation's Capitol

For one group of students from Acadiana, it was a close call as the horrifying scene unfolded at the Capitol. 43 students from L.J. Alleman Middle School in Lafayette are in Washington D.C. on a field trip. Today, they were at the Capitol, just minutes before the lockdown. The group of 53 students, parents and teachers from L.J. Alleman Middle School met with U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany on the Capitol steps as part of their educational tour of the Nation's Capitol. But they had no idea what was about to happen.

"Not to talk religious, but I think our guardian angels were working hard for us," said Renee Helmer who is on the trip.

Thanks to technology, and an app called Remind 10, everyone here at home knew the group had already moved on, far away from everything else that was unfolding.

(Drove down embassy row arrived at the national cathedral - Text Message)

"they (parents) have been able to track their children," said Principal Kathy Aloisio. "They know exactly where their child has been every minute and we've never done that before."

(We're fine, not even near the Capitol. All is well - Text Message)

As everyone here at home saw the news the group in Washington was unaware what was going on right down the road, and the students took the news in stride.

"They were like 'Oh ok I guess some people are kind of mad out there'," said Helmer. "We said 'Yeah, I guess some people are kind of mad out there. That's what anger does to people.' I have to say on this trip that the kids are teaching us. They are teaching us what it is to be patriots, to be patient, to be flexible and to stand strong."

Before today the trip was already playing out differently than expected. Because of the government shutdown, students haven't been able to see all the monuments but still they're making the most of it. The group is due back in Lafayette Saturday.



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