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Feb 8, 2011 8:48 PM by Shawn Kline

Citizens find numbers complicate redistricting

The redistricting process is heating up now that the census numbers are little more clear and some Acadiana residents have questions for their representatives. Like, 'how does this process even work?'

"I came to get just general information," New Iberia resident Will Barry said.
"There's so many details you have to consider when you're thinking about what's best for your area, your city, your parish," Janet Faulk of the Iberia Chamber of Commerce said.
Residents from both Iberia and St. Martin Parishes were at the Sliman Theater to learn more about the redistricting process and how complex it can really get.
"It was a little confusing." Virgie Predia says, "but it's like Redistricting 101 class."
"It's just complicated." Senator-elect Fred Mills says, "it's complicated- it's an issue where you have to look at population bases."
Population bases that have, for the most part, grown. But, in some cases, it hasn't grown enough.
"The fact that we will lose a congressional district this time around has congress at the forefront," Representative Rick Gallot said.
Gallot is holds the chair of the House Governmental Affairs and he's been proactively attacking the redistricting process. He says there's been a lot of talk about losing one of the two southern districts and making one big coastal district.
However, after asking some questions, voters are thinking twice about that.
"I'm second guessing it." Barry says, "I think the coastal district idea- if we did that, that's too large of an area to be represented by one person, one voice, one congress person."
Barry suggests 'strength in numbers.' He says if the coast really wants better representation for Gulf Coast Louisiana in Washington, they should have more representatives at the Capitol
Officials, coming out from the closed doors to make the process a little easier. Hearing how the average joe like Will Barry would redraw the lines come March.

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