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Oct 6, 2011 1:50 PM

Chris Welty

Chris Welty is a native of New Orleans, but moved to Lafayette at a young age. He graduated from Lafayette High School in 2008 and stayed home to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he graduated in May 2012 with his bachelors degree in Mass Communications focusing on Broadcasting, with a minor in Political Science.

From a young age, he knew that he wanted to tell people's stories and inform the public of what is going on in our community. Chris says, "Growing up I remember always watching the local morning news show when getting ready for school. I was fascinated with knowing the little facts of our world. Like any child, I loved watching cartoons, but when 5:00 would roll around or 5:30; I was always watching the news."

That fascination soon led to his first job as a weekend videographer and associate producer for a morning news show in November of 2008.

Chris joined the KATC news team in April of 2010 as the weekend editor, web producer, and videographer. In November 2010, Chris was given his first opportunity to make the transition from behind the scenes to becoming a multi-media journalist reporter.

In March of 2011, Chris was named one of the two 2011-2012 Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Scholarship recipients to help further his education in broadcast journalism.

Chris loves being in Acadiana and that he is starting his career here. When not working, Chris enjoys being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and going back home to New Orleans to visit his family and his Goddaughter Lily.

If you have a news tip, or would like to contact Chris, you can e-mail him: or follow him on his Facebook fan page:



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