Sep 19, 2013 7:49 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Charter Schools Still A Possibility In Lafayette Parish

Charter schools in Lafayette Parish may have been voted down during Wednesday's School Board meeting, but there's still a chance for them to come to Lafayette.

Lafayette school board members voted down charter schools two to six with board member Tehmi Chassion abstaining.

Arguments included that charters would take resources away from Lafayette Parish School System, and that charters wouldn't fully meet the needs of at-risk students.

But both charter school organizations have applied for charters with Louisiana's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Lafayette School Board member Greg Awbrey says he's aware Louisiana's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education can grant charters for the groups, which is a possibility at B.E.S.E's October meeting.

"I voted against it, because they don't do anything for the problems we have in Lafayette Parish," School Board member (district 6) Greg Awbrey said.

"I know there are a lot of people planning on going to B.E.S.E, that represent the issues that face our parish, and what our needs really are, and hope that they'll listen to us," Awbrey said.

Charter Schools USA has already signed letters of intent to purchase 16 acres of land to build two charter schools. Gary McGoffin, an attorney for the group, says he thinks charter schools will become a reality in the parish.

"With the application we have and the recommendations we received, and our continued willingness to work with the local school system, we believe that they'll be approved and we'll be on track to open our first schools next year," Attorney Gary McGoffin said.

Local B.E.S.E. Board member Holly Boffy says she will support approval of the charter school proposals.

"The students of Lafayette Parish have immediate needs for increased academic opportunities and adequate facilities," Holly Boffy said.



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