Sep 30, 2013 11:37 PM by Rob Perillo

Caribbean Disturbance has Gulf Potential

While Tropical Storm Jerry spins aimlessly in the North Atlantic, another area of disturbed weather in the Western Caribbean is garnering more attention from the National Hurricane Center.

A weak and disorganized disturbance, "97L" is expected to drift northwestward toward the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico later this week.

There is some potential that this system could get a little more organized with a low-medium chance (30%) of development to a tropical cyclone through Friday.

While this system could be a player in the Gulf, a moderately strong cool front will likely approach the Northern Gulf of Mexico this weekend, sweeping any potential system eastward toward Florida.

As always the devil will be in the details...if the weekend front is slower there could be greater potential for development and a more westward track.

Typically this time of year the increasing westerlies aloft in the NW Gulf of Mexico normally steer tropical systems to the east or northeast, so the bulk of the weather with this system could certainly impact Florida down the line.

So at this point we'll say we'll keep an eye on things, and look forward to the cooler air that should be heading our way by Sunday/early next week!


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