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Mar 12, 2012 7:08 PM by Herbie Smith

Carencro Subdivision Floods

After hours of heavy rainfall over night, many homes in Acadiana flooded Monday.
Dozens of Carencro homes in Oak Springs Subdivision were hit hard.
"I have leather chairs and baby stuff that are under water and floating in my house," said homeowner Tye Moody.

Tye Moody and his wife, Kandice, say their situation is a first-time homeowner's worst night mare. "This is our first home together. We're just a new couple starting off; we didn't think this would happen,"said Kandice Moody. From floating toys to wet clothing and carpet, flooded homes in Oak Springs is the aftermath of a 12 hour downpour.

The Moodys say their home was destroyed within ten minutes. They say everything was fine until Monday morning around 9 a.m. "Just the little time I was on the phone, water started coming over my feet. It took about a minute from the time it entered our garage to cover our entire garage. We were flooded about ten minutes after it came in our house."

Neighbors are also feeling the Moodys' pain. In some parts of their subdivision, water was waist deep. It's a disaster they believe they could have avoided. "Do your research. We were told this is not a flood zone, but it has flooded before."




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