Jul 16, 2014 7:08 PM by Dave Fields

Carambat indicted on charges of attempted murder, aggravated rape

A grand jury in the state of Louisiana's Fifteenth District Judicial Court indicted a Covington man in the alleged, attempted first degree murder on July 3 of the man's ex-girlfriend in Lafayette.

The grand jury not only indicted Jordan Carambat for the alleged homicide, but they indicted him for counts of home invasion and aggravated rape while armed with a dangerous weapon. The grand jury's four-count indictment specified that that Carambat allegedly used a gun to "unlawfully and intentionally confine or detain" his ex-girlfriend in the incident.

According to previous reports, the victim told police that she was followed to her apartment on S.College Rd. by Carambat, who then forced his way into her apartment. Carambat was allegedly armed with a knife and handgun, and began to physically abuse the victim by striking her, sexually assaulting her, and refusing to let the victim leave her apartment. The last thing the victim says she recalls before losing consciousness was Carambat strangling her with an electrical cord. The victim said that Carambat had fled the scene by the time she had regained consciousness. The victim was hospitalized following the incident with moderate injuries.




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