Jun 13, 2010 11:41 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Car Crashes intoTown-homes on Kaliste Saloom

Residents who live in town-homes at the intersection of Kaliste Saloom and Locksley woke up Saturday morning to find two of the housing units engulfed in flames.


"I felt the ground shake and came outside,” Buddy Lablanc, a witness, said. “I said oh-my-god and the house was basically open."


Witnesses say a Camero was speeding down Kaliste Saloom, ran over a curb, crashed through a fence and took out two town homes before it burst into flames.


Lablanc said, one resident was upstairs and her son was lying on the couch downstairs watching TV when the car came through the home. “It was like 6 feet from the son and she couldn't get out because the car took out her stairs," he explained.


Josh Mooring, another witness, said, "That thing was so orange, it was blazing like crazy, I heard screaming and two guys were getting a lady out of the house."


The woman got out of her townhouse unharmed. Witnesses say the driver and passenger in the car only had minor scrapes and bruises.


Another witness, Jonathan Gerami, was one of the first people to the scene. He said, “I thought they were dead--a miracle happened, they are alive."


It took the Lafayette Fire Department a few hours to calm down the flames; officials say a gas line ruptured in the car, which caused the fire.



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