Dec 9, 2011 11:14 PM by Maddie Garrett

Car Burglaries Spike During Holidays

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office said car burglaries have spike recently, but most have been crimes of opportunity. And with the holidays in full swing, deputies warn shoppers should be extra careful.

Captain Kip Judice took KATC around a parking lot Friday afternoon and found many people left their cars open to burglars.

Judice confronted Debbie Boullion, who left her car unlocked.

"I do lock my car doors when I get out but not every time, I guess it's a habit I never got into," said Boullion.

We found another shopper with a purse and gift bag left in plain view in the back seat.

"I didn't think abotu the bag in the back. It's daytime it's pretty, so I'll be more careful," said Loraine Allain after being stopped.

And another potential victim left her windows rolled down, with valuables in the back seat.

"I think I should roll up the windows," said Theresa Roger.

Judice said all of these mistakes are all too common and can lead to unnecessary crime.

"Car burglaries are up extensively throughout Acadiana and all of the law enforcement agencies are continuing to battle the exact same problem and that is that people in most instances are failing to lock their car doors and leaving something in view that's attractive to a potential bad guy," explained Judice.

Just a few extra seconds of locking your door, rolling up the window and putting valuables in the trunk could protect both you and your property.



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