Sep 5, 2012 9:43 AM by Chris Welty

Candlelight Vigil Scheduled for Moss Street Murder Victim

"I basically lost my whole family besides my other two kids I have. I can't believe it sometimes and I hope I'll wake up."

Russell Lambert Senior is mourning the loss of three of his sons who died this year. In a span of three months Lambert and his family lost two sons by murder and one by accident.

"I've seen all the wounds and on a daily basis it's indescribable, it's overwhelming," said Lambert.

The murder of two sons and the tragic accident of another is still fresh in the mind of Russell Lambert Senior. To this day Lambert has many unanswered questions and says he senses the spirit of his sons with him and at times their deaths seem surreal.

"After three sons I mean a month a part and then a week a part, how do you get over that? Never."

In March, Russell Lambert Junior better known as Rusty was stabbed near the Moss Street Post Office. Nearly two months later his brother Bo, a diabetic, passed away at work. One week later their brother Isiah Morgan was shot twice on Goldman Street.

Russell says each of his sons has a unique personality; Rusty is fun and full of joy, Bo was more reserved and loved being with his family, as for Isiah, his signature smile would light up a room. Though Isiah's killer was caught, Russell is still looking for closure. He's waiting for a break in the case that hit blocks from home and the case which has been cold for nearly six months.

"It's like they brought the body right there to let us know where he is. I can't describe the feeling I have for that," said Lambert.

September 5th is Rusty Lambert's birthday. His family wants the community to attend the candlelight vigil at 7:30 Wednesday night at the Moss Street Post Office to shed light on Rusty's murder and they want to keep this case fresh in everyone's mind. They are hoping someone will remember what happened that night in March nearly six months ago.

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