May 27, 2013 12:22 AM by Alex Labat

Cajuns Baseball Fans Still Proud

It was a big weekend for the Ragin Cajun Baseball team.
For the first time in fifteen years, the Cajuns had a chance to capture the Sun Belt Conference Tournament...but it just wasn't their year.
After an almost two hour long lightning delay, the Cajuns fell to Florida Atlantic 16 to 8.

As Cajuns fans filled the seats at Tigue Moore field Sunday, their hearts were filled with pride.
Getting the chance to see the Cajuns go up against the FAU Owls.
"It's definitely exciting to be back on top on top of the Sun Belt and to have the Ragin Cajuns representing Lafayette for the Sun Belt and to get our name out there again", says Alexandra Hebert.

And while the game wasn't the historic win the Cajuns were looking for...even a high scoring opponent and bad weather couldn't deter those in vermilion and white from rooting for the home team.

Robert Boudreaux says, "There's a rich history of baseball here. Our fans are really educated baseball fans and they know the game well so when they see good baseball they appreciate it. And they result is we have a full stadium of people here today."

Victor Kilchrist joined the military in the 1940's and returned back to Lafayette to finish college, and become an alumni of UL Lafayette (then SLI).
As a former bat boy to the local teams of the past, he now sells peanuts at the Tigue to stay close to the game.
He says Cajun's baseball players stand out from the rest, because they're hand picked to play the game...and like our military, he says they are the best of the best.
"They are schooled to a certain percentage of their ability to play ball, and they get every ounce of them to play ball. That's it. That's the way these guys do", says Kilchrist.

Today's loss hasn't dampened the spirits of Kilchrist and other Cajuns fans, because they know there will always be another opportunity to step up to the plate.
Mark Thibodeaux says, "Coach Robichaeux has been a good influence on the youth in this area, coming from Breaux Bridge, he has come to our youth facility, and encouraged our youth to play ball and to come to UL. It's just a good atmosphere here."



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