Dec 28, 2013 7:36 PM by Kari Beal

Cajun New Year's Eve with B. Colette Juneau

Santa Clause may be done delivering toys, but there's an old saint still filling stockings. His name is SanTaa Kroupee. If the name sounds familiar, it's because his tale originates from French settlers. At the Lafayette Farmers Market, Colette Juneau explains the ancient tale in her book. SanTaa Kroupee's legend has dwindled over the years, but she aims to bring it back.

The arrival of a Cajun New Year brings stockings filled with fruits, candies and presents, but these gifts aren't from Saint Nick.

"When the French settled, some people brought the tradition. They continued the tradition, and my family is one that has done this tradition all through these generations," said author B. Colette Juneau.

It's the tradition of SanTaa Kroupee. Juneau heard about his story and knew she had to share it with other; hence, she wrote a book.

"That's my hope, that when you hear this story you do it for your family that the children would want to know these details," said Juneau.

She read her book, "A New Year's Eve Tale," Saturday at the Lafayette Farmers Market. She hoped it would to help connect Cajuns with their past.

"My grandmother used to get her Christmas presents after Christmas, on the twelve night when the three wise men would show up. So I wonder if it's similar to this one that also happens after Christmas, It made me think that I need to ask her," said Laura Westbrook, who does face painting at Lafayette's Farmers Market.

Colette Juneau has published two books, which have been sold as far as Russia and India. She will read the second one, "SanTaa Kroupee and Paquin' Eggs on the Bayou," at the Lafayette Farmers Market around Easter Sunday.

To get full details on her book and the legends of Santaa Kroupee click here.

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