Jun 21, 2011 11:40 PM by Maddie Garrett

Cajun Coupon Diva Gives Practical Advice

She calls herself The Cajun Coupon Diva, and one group at a time, Madelene Boudreaux helps people learn how to get extreme savings without going to extreme measures.

"But two hours for $200 worth of savings is not that big of a deal, it's not that hard to do," said Boudreaux after her coupon class.

She teaches beginner 'couponers' a few tricks of the trade, including where to find coupons online, in the paper and in stores.

"I was just hoping to figure out how to do it better," said Erin Lafont, who attended Boudreaux's class Tuesday night.

Boudreaux said staying organized is key to extreme couponing. She recommends using a large three-ring binder with baseball card holders to store coupons, and organizing them into 40 categories to help simplify the process and speed up the check out line.

"When you get to the register, they're in a hurry, they want you in and out. There's a line of people, you have to know what you have," explained Lafont.

Boudreaux said the savings really add up when you "stack" your coupons, which means using all possible forms of saving at once.

"If you have a product that's on sale, that's your first saving. Second saving is a manufacturer coupon, the third saving is a store coupon, you use their coupon. The fourth saving is that you've got a register reward on a previous purchase and then everything ends up free," said Boudreaux.

She said if you work the system correctly, you can sometimes even make money off of "stacking" your coupons.

But she doesn't recommend stock piling products away. Boudreaux encourages her classes to donate extra items they get for free if they won't use them.

For more on Boudreaux and her coupon classes, visit her Facebook page, The Cajun Coupon Diva.



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