Apr 8, 2013 1:38 PM by Chris Welty

Cacie Barras McGrew's Mom Speaks Out After Lohse Video

Cacie Barras McGrew's mother, Cindy Barras, is speaking out to KATC about the YouTube video Wade Lohse posted explaining why he ran out of a Lafayette courtroom two weeks ago before his trial.

"First of all, he didn't show true remorse and the justice system cannot be wrong on all of your wrong doings. If you're so innocent, why did you leave? You had a lawyer there for you. Evidently, you felt like things weren't going to go your way. You're trying to say you're more knowledgeable than the justice system. If you're not such a bad man, why are you on the most wanted list? Own up to your own doings so that our family can put this behind us. What does her not dying on the scene have to do with anything? She has a daughter that will get exposed to this if it doesn't end. Come out of hiding and be a man. I suggest him to read the Bible instead of him studying the justice system so much."

-Cindy Barras

Tonight at 5 and 6, KATC's Chris Welty will have more on this story and why District Attorney Mike Harson says he isn't backing down.


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