Nov 24, 2009 7:58 AM by Sarah Rosario

Budget Woes in Vermilion Parish

The Vermilion Parish Police Jury will have to take big swings with an axe to fix their 2010 budget. As of right now they are over a little more than one million dollars, which is a huge improvement from the 2.8 million overage they started with.

The good news is it doesn't have a direct effect on citizens. The parish chooses to cut back services in order to save tax payers dollars. Financial advisers say their debt is a direct result of the economy. They planned their budget according to their revenue in 2008.

Parish Administrator Chris Theriot said, "We had a drop in sales tax, we had a drop in royalty revenue sharing, which required us to go into our funds to make up that shortfall."

Theriot says the topics on the table for discussion include cutting building improvements, road maintenance and job raises. "The jury has already decided that the three percent raise for employees is just not going to happen," said Theriot.

One citizen says despite the parish's attempts to not make citizens pay, they still are. "To cut things like that you're putting pressure in people who need help with their roads. I mean when you look at tires, you look at your vehicle, and everything like that, you're ruining your vehicle in the process, said Citizen Steve Broussard.

All cuts will be discussed in Monday night's meeting. Afterwards the full board will vote and anything that is over budgeted will have to come from the parish's savings.

Sarah Rosario



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