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Apr 29, 2014 12:18 PM by MELISSA CANONE

Buckle Up in Your Truck campaign

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Buckle Up in Your Truck campaign kicks off this month to remind pickup truck drivers and their passengers about the importance of using seat belts every time they get in a vehicle.

While seat belt use across the state is seeing record highs among people in cars, people in pickup trucks are still not using their seat belts regularly.

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is launching a campaign focusing on those pickup truck drivers and passengers to ensure that all Louisiana motorists are buckled up.
Safety officials attribute lower seat belt use among truck drivers and passengers to a false sense of security in larger vehicles and the incorrect belief that seat belts aren't necessary for short trips.

"Pickup truck drivers and passengers tend to be younger and male, and they are not getting the message that seat belts save lives," said Sheriff Ivy Woods "In fact, crashes involving pickup trucks can be particularly deadly because of the tendency for the trucks to roll over and for occupants to be thrown from the vehicles unless they are buckled up."



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