Oct 20, 2013 5:45 PM by Daniel Phillips

Bright Moon and Clouds Limit Monday's Meteor Shower

Early Monday morning, just before daybreak, will be the best chance to check out this year's Orionid Meteor Shower. 

Unfortunately the moon was full only a few days ago, and still is very bright which will hinder viewing opportunities. On top of that moisture is bouncing back so expect to see some clouds popping up early Monday which will also get in the way. 

Regardless, it is a nice way to enjoy the temperatures and will certainly be worth checking out if already awake anyway. There isn't a particular direction to look in, just try and find as much sky as possible for your viewing. 

The annual meteor shower occurs when Earth passes through the debris field that is left in the wake of Comet Halley. The bits of debris enter the Earth's atmosphere and then eventually burn up . 

As mentioned earlier the viewing won't be great but you may get lucky and see a meteor or two shooting across the sky. If you're already up you've got nothing to lose by checking it out to see if you can see any. 


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