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Apr 19, 2013 7:26 PM by Akeam Ashford

Boston Runner Wants Justice

Brothers Dzhokhar, and Tamerland Tsarnaev, are suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. Older brother Tamerland, was shot and killed during a shootout with police last night, but his younger brother Dzhokhar, has been on the run from police. Officials say, Dzhokhar ran over his younger brothers body after the shootout.

As we've already reported, its was a close call for several runners from Acadiana who were in the Boston Marathon. Today, they are watching as the manhunt to find Dzhokhar continues.

Marathon runner Jennifer Castille, of Opolousas says the bombings didn't seem real to her in the beginning. "It sounded like a prank to me, until I heard the news from people out there," says Castille.

Once she heard what happened, Castille says she was in shock and couldn't believe marathon runners were being attacked. Castille has been glued to the television. "I don't know what their reasoning was. I just think its sick," says Castille.

Castille and another runner from Acadiana finished the race just minutes before the explosions at the finish line. She came to Boston with 13 other people from the Acadiana area, who also made it home safe. "You can't let that stop you, this is some... they chose this event. you can't just go around being scared all the time. you just hope that it's not your time," says Castille.



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