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Jul 19, 2013 11:48 AM by AP(PHOTO COURTESY: MGN ONLINE)

Board votes to give school employees bonus

JENNINGS, La. (AP) - The Jefferson Davis Parish School Board has voted to give a salary supplement to its employees.

Board President Donald Dees said Thursday the board will use over $429,000 in line-item funding from the state to provide the one-time extra pay on Nov. 1, along with the regular end-of-the month payroll.

The American Press reports the board will decide next month what to do with the remaining $160,000 in state funding.

Under the plan, certified school employees including teachers, librarians, counselors, principals and assistant principals, are expected to receive a one-time payment of $712.

School Board administrators and other professional employees will receive a supplemental check equal to the amount distributed to the certified school personnel, Dees said.

Part-time employees will receive half that of full time employees, with all other support employees receiving a $500 supplemental check.

School board members will not receive the supplement pay.

"Our employees are excited and pleased to finally get some kind of compensation even though it is a one-time payment," Superintendent Brian LeJeune said.


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