Holiday Season

Nov 29, 2013 11:10 PM by Chris Welty

Black Friday Marathon Shoppers

Retailers expect 140-million Americans to hit the stores this holiday weekend. Some retailers pushed the envelope this year, opening up on Thanksgiving night which meant some shoppers were in for the long haul.

One group of friends we caught up with hit the stores at six o'clock this morning. "We're actually a little late this year, everybody did everything yesterday," said Chawana Fontenot.

They're racking up on hot deals despite not hitting the stores on Thursday. "Thanksgiving is meant to be with family and friends, not out shopping," said Pam Givens.

Others chose to sleep in and only hit the stores for less than an hour, hoping they would get the same great deals. "I was just coming here and going home. There was too many people out here camping out last night at 4:00 in the morning. It's ridiculous." Gina Broussard found the one item she was looking for and was ready to head home.

As for Chawana and Pam, they say, "We're not finished, we have to eat three meals on the road!"

Chris Welty



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