Nov 10, 2013 5:29 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Birthday Wish Comes True For Seven-Year-Old Girl

Most of us keep our birthday presents, but a six-year-old girl in Lafayette had a different plan for her birthday. Instead of keeping her birthday presents, she wanted to give all of them away and gave them to children fighting cancer.

"I want somebody else to realize it's better to give than to receive. Because whenever they give, it makes their heart feel like it's so incredibly happy, it's like shinning with joy," newly turned seven-year-old Brooke Benoit said.

Brooke invited 19 friends to her seventh birthday party, and wrote on the invitation that all gifts would go to children fighting cancer. She hopes her gifts can help them.

"Like teddy bears to squeeze if they're ever getting shot, and an activity book to work in if they're ever getting bored," Benoit said.

Her grandmother, who's been battling cancer for the last seven years, is Brooke's inspiration. Her grandmother, Rhonda Dedman, is only 53 years old and 46 when they found cancer in her kidney, which has now spread to her bone.

"She has seen Grammie hurt, Grammie suffer, Grammie go through a lot, and she knows those children are. And that's what she's doing this for, is to help those children that will be hurting and suffering and scared," Brooke's grandmother Rhonda Dedman said.

Together, Brooke and her grandmother hand-delivered boxes of toys to the Miles Perret Cancer Services, completing Brooke's birthday wish. Miles Perret, who the organization is named after, was a nine-year-old boy from Lafayette who lost his battle with cancer. His parents started the organization to help those cope more comfortably with their disease.

"It's so selfless and so caring and it's coming from a seven-year-old, you know that's incredible. So were very very very grateful and moved by, by her generosity," Community Liaison at Miles Perret Cancer Services Lacey Shelton said.

Brooke also received a hundred dollars for her birthday, which she used to buy more toys for the children at Miles Perret.



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