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Sep 18, 2013 12:06 PM by Tracy Wirtz

Big Dogs Have Big Hearts!

Bogie visited the GMA set this morning. He is a beautiful spaniel/ lab mix with a lot of energy. He's house trained and gets along with not only other dogs, but cats as well! He was adopted from the Lafayette Animal Shelter and then had to be returned when his "parents" moved out of state and were unable to take him with them. Frown

Bogie is just one of many large breed dogs available for adoption at the Lafayette Animal Shelter. When I visited, I met a few, including sweet Mabeline. Mabeline is a bloodhound who ended up at the shelter with a puppy in tow. Her pup was scooped up right away, as many puppies are. That's certainly not a bad thing, but Mabeline still needs a family to love her. She's got a fantastic temperament, as do all of the animals up for adoption. They are all temperament-tested. As a matter of fact, the employees and volunteers work with animals that are brought in. They "socialize" with them so that these four-legged friends can make the adjustment, which often times is very traumatic for them.

As someone who has adopted an adult, large breed dog from the Lafayette Animal Shelter, I can tell you how rewarding an experience it is. Our Bo is a black lab we couldn't imagine not having. When I go to my car every morning, he is the only creature stirring in the wee hours. He is the first face I see! There is comfort knowing he is there, and I love him to bits. 

If you are thinking about adopting and aren't sure exactly what kind of pet you want, consider the larger breeds. Their companionship is amazing and they are extremely loyal.


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