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Sep 23, 2009 8:03 AM by sleonard

Big 3 Stories: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating an attempted abduction.
The Sheriff's Office tells KATC that two boys ---10 and 11 years old ---were riding their bikes around nine o'clock Sunday night when a white man in a car drove up next to them.
     The boys told the Sheriff's Office that the man told them to "come see" and then tried to get them inside of his car by offering them candy.              
     The man then allegedly got out of his car and started yelling at the boys.
    That's when they said they got scared and rode their bikes into a nearby sugarcane field.
  It all happened in the 2-thousand block of Palm Land Boulevard.
The boys described the vehicle as a red jeep like SUV; the man had a short cut beard and was wearing a light blue shirt. 
     There were also three other men inside the car but the boys couldn't see what any of them looked like.
     If you have any if information about this case you're asked to please call the Iberia Parish Sheriffs Office.

The unsolved murders in Jennings continues to haunt the victim's families. A relative of one of the "Jeff Davis Eight" is breaking his silence.
    He says there are too many unsolved murders in the parish and it's time the families stand united for justice.
Mike Dubois is Whitnei Dubois' brother.
     Her body was found in 2007.
     She was the fourth victim in a string of 8 unsolved deaths.
     Whitnei grew up in his house,she was just like a daughter to him.
     His daughter and Whitnei were close.
     Her death leaves him heartbroken and, after two years with no resolution, he thinks its time for local authorities to hand over the growing list of cold cases.
"I believe these murders are larger than the Sheriff's Department and the Police Department. I believe it's time now that they call in someone else to take over this investigation because I think its stalled right where it's at" said Dubois.

New tobacco laws are in effect nationwide making fruit, candy and clove- flavored cigarettes illegal.
Critics argue the flavors were marketed to children, encouraging them to start smoking, but on the other hand,   smokers and retailers say laws are already in effect to protect children and teens from smoking in the first place.
Rene Gerard of Piper's Haven states, " If you want to stop something, enforce what you have, don't sit there and write more laws that you might or might not enforce."
However, Maxine Hamilton of the "Safe and Drug Free Schools" program points out," What 40 or 50-year-old do you know that is going to look at smoking a berry flavored cigarette?"


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