Oct 15, 2013 2:50 PM

BESE Committee approves charter schools for Lafayette

Charter School Latest: The BESE Board committee has approved adding charter schools in Lafayette Parish. It goes to the full BESE board for final approval tomorrow. Members Lottie Beebe and Carolyn Hill are the only members against bringing charters schools into the parish.

Making a plea for charter schools, was Dr. Pat Cooper. Cooper spoke "strongly", saying that his job was to come in and bring Lafayette up to an "A" ranked parish. He said it's time for change, and in Lafayette, if people don't like something, "they just lie". Cooper says there has been misinformation given about the charter schools, and he's been misquoted frequently.

BESE member Lottie Beebe, one of two board members who voted against the charter schools, says she thinks Cooper's comments are an admission that he can't do his job.

Today, the BESE committee approved applications from Louisiana Achievement Charter Academies made in partnership with NHA to open two schools in Lafayette Parish. The full BESE board will make a final decision on the applications Wednesday.

Following the vote, Broussard mayor Charles Langlinais released this statement:

"We are at absolute capacity and in 10 years our population will double. This isn't the final solution but it is a current solution and with the demand for quality education in Broussard and Youngsville. I still don't have a plan from the LPSB that addresses our concerns and needs. If the charter school doesn't provide top performing opportunities, parents won't send their kids there. I appreciate the BESE Committee's support and both myself and my council look forward to working with the team opening the charter school to start serving citizens as soon as possible."

Youngsville mayor Wilson Viator echoed those sentiments in his own statement.

"We have a lack of facilities and we are growing fast.  We have grown 46 percent in the last two and half years. I am fully behind the charter schools wanting to come in come in and make an investment into our community. Overcrowding is a serious problem and we fully support charter schools helping to alleviate overburdened classroom sizes for our students and our teachers."




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