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Sep 12, 2013 11:59 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Baldwin Shooting Victim Speaks

In St. Mary Parish, a Baldwin shooting victim is speaking out, and says he's upset with how the shooting was handled.

Last month, police arrested Robert Hatcherson, Jr. for allegedly shooting 64-year-old Ronald Valier. Hatcherson is in jail and charged with attempted second degree murder.

But even with the shooting suspect behind bars, Valier is still taking issue with the Baldwin Police Department. He says the car he was shot in was never taken into police custody, and neither were the clothes he was wearing.

"They took pictures only with cell phone cameras, to the best of my knowledge. My son if I'm not mistaken, he flagged them down, a unit, a patrol unit and informed them there was a shell casing.  It was still inside the car, if I'm not mistaken. But they didn't have anything to retrieve it with or to put it in, so I think he went into the house and got a baggy or a sandwich baggy," shooting victim Ronald Valier said.

But Baldwin Police Gerald Minor says everything was handled properly, from how his officers collected the evidence, to how quickly they arrested the shooting suspect.

"I think we did a good job, I don't know what the complaints are about," Baldwin Police Chief Gerald Minor said.

Chief Minor says his officers did not use cell phone cameras or sandwich bags to collect evidence.

"They have cameras and evidence bags that they use," Chief Minor said.

Valier says he's still concerned with how he believes things were handled.

"It makes me wonder if this is standard operation procedure of how a crime scene is investigated, and how the investigation is carried out," Valier said.



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