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Aug 29, 2013 8:09 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Baldwin Man Shot, Family Speaks

A man in St. Mary Parish remains in an Intensive Care Unit of a Lafayette hospital after being shot. The victim's family says they've been complaining about the suspect to Baldwin Police for days.

It happened in Baldwin on Orphan Street and Railroad Avenue Wednesday night. Deputies have arrested Robert Hatcherson, Jr. He's charged with attempted second degree murder.

His daughter Zuri Valier says, several incidents had happened, leading up to the gunshots.

"It's been absolutely horrifying," Zuri Valier said.

She says the incidents go back to Sunday when her ex, and father of her three children, assaulted her. She filled out a complaint form and tried to turn it to police, but they told her there was another step.

"He looks at me and says, I have to go to the Justice of the Peace and get the complaint form signed in order to get the warrant issued. And right there something was telling me why in the world would I have to go you know to the justice of the peace? This is y'all job, why do I have to do this?"

She says she wishes the police would have arrested her ex the same day he assaulted her. The very next day she believes he was the one who threw a cement slab into her sister's windshield.

"I'm just like what is this?  Like, how, like why wasn't he arrested. Like if they had arrested him on Sunday he would not have been able to have damaged my car," Zuri's sister Naima Valier said.

By Wednesday she had signed the warrant for police to press charges. But two hours after she had signed that document, her father was shot. Police arrested Robert Hatcherson, Jr. later that night.

"I''m like wow, it took him shooting my daddy for y'all to finally get up and do something. Now y'all want to arrest him," Zuri Valier said.

But Chief of Police Gerald Minor says they did everything they could the Valier family, and what the law says for them to do. He says they couldn't move forward with Zuri's complaint until she signed the warrant, which happened on Wednesday.

"We would have checked numerous times through the night trying to locate him and to get him picked up, but it was just one of those things that's the way it happened," Chief of Police Gerald Minor said.

"I just hope something is done to rectify this and soon," Valier said.




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