Aug 18, 2013 2:07 PM by Nichole Guillory

Bad weather prevents Nina life-raft search

In the last 24 hours, interest in the Nina and her crew of 7 is spiking to new levels after a satellite image of a possible life raft was spotted.

Several Acadiana politicians are also taking interest in the search efforts after seeing the satellite images. Louisiana House Representative, Nancy Landry, who has been tagging satellite images for the family says, that Congressman Charles Boustany is working to get the New Zealand Government to rejoin the search with the new leads that have surfaced. Landry also says, Senator David Vitter is stepping up. Vitter is reaching out to the Department of State, requesting action based on the new evidence.

The reports that last night bad weather halted a New Zealand search plane from flying to that certain area in the Tasman Sea in search for that possible life raft.

The Nina and her crew of seven left New Zealand on May 29th and was headed to Newcastle, Australia. The crew was last hear from on June 4th while taking on rough weather in the Tasman Sea. On June 25th the search for, Danielle Wright, a student at UL who was on the Nina, and the other six crew members on board began. That search was officially called off on July 4th, Wright's family and families of the other crew members on board have continued to fund private searches.

During a press conference Thursday, family explained to the pubic how to use, a satellite company that uploads images of the Tasman Sea. The Tomnod system gets people to identify unusual objects they see in high-resolution satellite photos. That's where the satellite image of a bright orange object was spotted, and family says, the Nina carried a bright orange life-raft. The object is between Norfolk Island and New South Wales.


comparison of the life boat on the Niña and the object spotted on the satellite image.A Google earth map showing the area a New Zealand plane is searching for the missing yacht Nina.

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